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Been a While! 0

Been a While!

Posted by on Jan 10, 2019 in Blog

With a mid-term election between now and when Critical Voter first chronicled our turbulent 2016 election cycle (one in which many of the challenges related to critically thinking about anything were made...

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Ethical Rebellion 0

Ethical Rebellion

Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Blog

A few months back, I became curious about the alt-right, specifically why this political movement seemed to be choosing a moment of Republican ascendance to foment a civil war within Conservative ranks....

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Surprise! 0


Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in Blog

Last night’s election coverage began from a place of familiarity.  There were many of the same commentators I’ve seen describing election night events since the 1980s, a bit wrinklier but still talking about...

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Vote 0


Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Blog

Even during strange political times like the one are living through, our most sacred democratic duty is to cast our ballot, which I hope all readers have done or are planning to do today. Eight years ago,...

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