Critical Thinking and the 2012 Election

Welcome to the Critical Voter, a web site dedicated to teaching practical critical thinking skills.  Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be using the upcoming presidential election to provide examples to learn from as we master foundational critical thinking skills such as bias (and how to overcome it), logical and emotional arguments, and persuasive language (i.e., the lost art of rhetoric).

Tools provided at this site to help us all become independent critical thinkers include:

…with more to come!

Rather than spend the 2012 election just being part of a voting demographic, or stewing about how your man did in the last presidential debate, or shaking your fist at the latest round of negative ads, why not use the next few months to learn something new?  Non-voters (such as middle and high-school students) can also use the next few months to learn practical critical thinking lessons that can last a lifetime.

So, care to join us?