Critical Voter Curriculum – Available Now!

Critical Voter Curriculum – Available Now!

It’s Super Tuesday so, as promised, the Critical Voter curriculum is now available for teachers to use to integrate critical thinking lessons based on material from Critical Voter and this Critical Voter web site into their lessons.

Speaking of lessons, I also started to put together lesson plans that include goals, vocabulary, resources and suggested activities related to specific sections of the Critical Voter curriculum. The first two lesson plans (covering Bias and Modes of Persuasion) are available now. Additional lesson plans will be added to the curriculum page over the next few weeks.

These lesson plans are supplemented by brief “Check for Understanding” quizzes that can be used to determine if students understand basic concepts covered in the reading associated with a lesson before beginning performance-based activities related to the subject of a lesson.

Happy to make myself a resource to any teacher interested in using this material to turn this year’s election campaign into an opportunity to teach and learn critical thinking skills. Please use the Contact Form to reach out if there’s anything you need.

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