Cover Art

Cover Art

Lookee what showed up in my Inbox!

I’ll have more news about the new book to supplement the nifty cover art (like release dates and book-event plans) shortly. In the meantime, as some readers may have noticed, I’ve restarted this Degree of Freedom blog and have been updating it with pieces published on this site to get the Google juices flowing.

In many ways, Critical Thinking Essentials ties together themes I’ve been pushing on for over a decade: teachers should be empowered, students should be taught to be independent learners, and all of us should become critical thinkers able to sort truth from bunk and find reasons to believe (or not believe) things, rather than letting our biases and pressures to conform direct our fates.

Publishing, blogging and speaking I’m planning for 2020 will further explore how these ideas knit together, and how we might be able to use them to pull ourselves away from the precipice.

Stay tuned!