Been a While!

Been a While!

With a mid-term election between now and when Critical Voter first chronicled our turbulent 2016 election cycle (one in which many of the challenges related to critically thinking about anything were made more manifest than in any time in history), I thought it safe to return to the blogging fold with a new project called Critical Thinking Out Loud.

This blog is included on a new site I built to consolidate some of the Internet “properties” I’ve built over the years in support of specific educational projects (like this one).  I’ll be reposting material from that new blog here for the next few weeks, just to make sure anyone still subscribed to the Critical Voter stream knows when something new has arrived. 

For those interested in the teaching and learning of critical-thinking skills, expect the new blog to be fairly wide-ranging with regard to the topics we’ll be analyzing using the toolkit you learned about here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!