Argument Ninja

Argument Ninja

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Kevin deLaplante, the man behind Critical Thinker Academy and Critical Thinker Academy podcast, both of which were hugely inspirational when I went down the route of podcasting critical-thinking lessons with the original Critical Voter curriculum in 2008.

Well now Kevin has kicked off a new podcast, called Argument Ninja, which fuses lessons in “hard” critical thinking topics such as logic with lessons on how to deal with the psychological factors (notably cognitive biases) that can prevent you from using your critical-thinking tools and facilities well.

His metaphor is the martial arts dojo where training is based on internalizing physical moves and reflection as much as how to hit and kick really hard, and as his podcast revs up, that image is proving to be more than apt when it comes to training one’s intellect for battle.

So tune in, enjoy and learn to kick ass (in a spiritually and intellectually enlightening way, of course).

Yay to Kevin, and please support his work.