New 2020 Edition!

In time for the 2020 Election…

Jonathan Haber, author of the best-selling book Critical Thinking from MIT Press, is back with a 2020 Election edition of Critical Voter, a how-to guide for using election politics to learn how to make better decisions and improve your life by mastering practical critical-thinking skills. 

What’s New in the 2020 Edition?

  • A new forward and updates that ask what the 2016 election – and everything that’s happened since – might say about our ability to think critically about the most important issues of the day
  • New case study – Donald Trump: Do the Rules Still Apply?
  • New case study – Arguing Social Distancing
  • New case study – Do We Still Need Audiences at Political Debates?
  • New case study – Can Mathematical Fallacies be Deadly in the Age of Pandemic?
  • New examples drawn from what’s happened to us all during the last four years

And more!

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Forward to the 2020 Edition:




New Case Study: